Haven't heard the MP3 but donations are for a good cause

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Haven't heard the MP3 but donations are for a good cause Empty Haven't heard the MP3 but donations are for a good cause

Post  Silentwarrior702 on Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:28 am

RE: Herbert the Turkey & an urgent message to all!

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From: DellyDoolittle ♥ Respect Life*Go Vegan
Date: Dec 19, 2008 8:14 AM

From: Delly Doolittle/Rainbow Ark Sanctuary-200+ Animals Face Eviction!!
Date: 19 Dec 2008, 16:07

Herbert the Turkey! MP3 download! Help Save the Ark!

I was on the phone to a very teary and distraught Paula this morning. Some of you may know she was in court the other day to try gain back the bungalow, which was part of the sanctuary and was going to be turned into a cattery.
Her mother who is dying of bone cancer was living in it when it was repossessed by Goldentree; she was chucked out on the doorstep and had a heart attack the next day (thankfully she was ok) Unfortunately Paula's legal representative was robbed on the tube station and wasn't able to be there - Paula went it alone and lost the case

Paula is terrified what is going to happen in the New Year to the sanctuary as she can't keep up with 3,200 a month payments to Redstone Mortgages, is struggling to get animal feed in and very emotional that for the second year her 12 year old son won't be having the usual Christmas other kids have.
(for full details on her story regards to the mortgages etc, please read full appeal story on our website)

Despite all this Paula is still taking in rescues; most recently 6 turkeys, one of which was cradled on her lap this morning for a cuddle.
All she does is for other people and those animals and I am making a plea to all of you to help give them a Christmas they won't forget!

She recorded Herbert the Turkey song to raise awareness and desperately
needed money - if everyone either downloaded the song, or donated just a small amount of 1.00/ 1.
08/ $1 it would make a BIG difference!

Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary


Herbert the Turkey

Click the pic for a link to download Herbert's song!
It's only 1.00/ 1.08/ $1.
Your purchase will help Save the Ark!

www. rainbowark. co. uk
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