RE: URGENT PETITION: NEPAL MONEYS - Only 90 sigs needed now!

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RE: URGENT PETITION: NEPAL MONEYS - Only 90 sigs needed now!

Post  Silentwarrior702 on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:48 am

RE: URGENT PETITION: NEPAL MONEYS - Only 90 sigs needed now!
----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Delly Doolittle ♥ Vegan4Life ♥
Date: Dec 23, 2008 9:07 AM

Less than 24 hours left to get 90 signatures (to make up to 2,000) please repost as much as poss to we can reach our target -Thanks

From: Delly Doolittle ♥ Vegan4Life ♥

From: Animal Activists United
From: Delly Doolittle ♥ Vegan4Life ♥
From: J{ames}
From: Sweet Misery Official Myspace
From: One Voice
From: Until All Are Free

The new Nepalese government are currently deciding whether to permit the monkey farming they inherited from the previous administration, there are currently 310 monkeys awaiting an uncertain fate and numerous more farms planned if the monkey farming is permitted....we must NOT let that happen!

We have news that the decision is being made right now, so please, please, please take 30 seconds from your day to help Nepal's monkeys Whether you believe in petitions or not, it all adds to the pressure right now and, as it's due to be submitted to the relevant authorities in Nepal on Tuesday or Wednesday, your voice will definitely be heard!!!

http://www. thepetitionsite. com/2/urgent-stop-nepal-sending-monkeys-to-labs

For more information on the campaign, news, updates and reports see:
http://www. gatewaytohell. net

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