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RE: Normal People Scare The Sh** Out of Me !!!
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From: ALL Natural Herbivore Body Builders (2Cool2Care?)
Date: Jan 4, 2009 3:06 AM

Normal People Scare The Sh** Out of Me !!!

-------PARTY ANIMALS (Uncensored Truth)
Date: Apr 7, 2008 6:25 AM


Normal People Scare The Shit Out of Me !!!


Normal People Such As Politicians (Even George Washington), Lawyers, Businesses, Families, Religious People and Society Use to Support This...Slavery

Normal People Still Support This...Animals Used As Slaves (Rodeo, Circus, Horse Carrages, Zoos)

Normal People Choose to Kill Each Other Over Religion, Land & Such...

Normal People Don't Think For Themselves - But Trust Tradition!

Normal People Are Silent and That is the Same As Agreeing it is Okay!

Normal People Still Wear Fur, Leather & Wool for Fashion - when good synthetic fabrics exist.

Make animal skins extinct! FurisDead. com - Dogs, Cats, Seals...Skinned Alive!

Normal People Think That Eating Meat Makes You More of A Man lol! VeganBodyBuilding. com / VeganHealth. org

Normal People Never Tried These Yet Knock Them...

Normal People Claim to Care About Our Planet, But Choose to Ignore the #1 Cause of Global Warming - Factory Farming

Normal People Only Care About Them$elves and Think that They Are So Much Better Than the Thousands of Other Species that we are extincting...

Meat Contributes to World Hunger (ChristianVeg. org)

Normal People Eat Birds "Periods" and Drink Milk when they are not Baby Calves - which are stuck in veal crates on death row.

Normal People Never Been To A Factory Farm (Meat. org Video) yet $upport these Businesses that Lie and Committ Horrible Animal Ab-uses that Make Michael Vick look not so Bad! Except Chicken and Pigs have NO Rights like Dogs.

A Few of Thousands...

Vegan Products are Sweat Shop Free!

Very Few Decent People Know Right from Wrong and Do Something About it!

Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes

Just Because Everyone Else Does it Doesn't Make it Right !!!
Do Some Reseach and Think for Yourself - The Evidence Supports Veganism, see my page and top friends for more facts!
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