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Post  Cynic on Fri May 16, 2008 3:02 am

A first step towards end of hens in battery.

"The Good Egg Awards seek to recognise companies that are making a difference to the welfare of laying hens by switching to cage-free eggs. Through this latest initiative, we celebrate companies that are helping to improve the lives of farm animals through their selling and purchasing decisions and thereby aim to encourage others to follow suit."

Website of Good Egg Awards

There are more than 300 million laying hens in the European Union, around three quarters of whom are currently housed in battery cages.

The EU is set to ban barren battery cages in 2012 due to public pressure and scientific evidence showing they’re bad for laying hen welfare. Although ‘enriched’ cages will be allowed after 2012, they still do not fully meet hens’ behavioural needs.

Someone knows if there's same things in USA ?
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