Seeds In Barren Fields - Black Death Punk Metal

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Seeds In Barren Fields - Black Death Punk Metal

Post  Geush Urvan on Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:16 pm

"Sprung from the vegan metal/hardcore act through the mist of tears, with roots deeply entangled in punk and political hardcore, these seeds are blooming, bursting out into a fully fledged, and raw as hell, metal assault.
Fed up with the watered down scenes of today SEEDS IN BARREN FIELDS engage themselves, with black flags raised, in a battle against religious moral dogma, capitalism, nationalism, consumerism and social control. Promoting values of freedom, (green) anarchy, animal liberation/veganism/vegetarianism and gender equality as an alternative to being a part of a lost, scared and disillusioned mankind."
Geush Urvan
Geush Urvan
Seitanic Samuraļ
Seitanic Samuraļ

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