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RE: DO or DIE (Ignorance is Rampid are YOU doing enough???)
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From: Vegan Biker Pilot
Date: Jan 11, 2009 1:59 PM

DO or DIE (Ignorance is Rampid are YOU doing enough???)

MOST could do more, but put Billions of animals on the Back Burner! See my page and blogs for great ways to help animals if you really care, show it??? Feel free to hate me, I don't care - my main purpose is not to make friends, but to get real results.

1) Myspace. com/AnimalActivismOnline ~ Great Online Activism Tips to Reach 1,000's of New Veggies Each Week !!! NO Need to Add+ it is for connecting with popular peta2 veggies who do not or do not know how to promote and personally asking them to repost specific animal videos to all of their networks! Reach 10's of 1,000's easily through others this way after investing some time and work.
Most young veggies just mention it on their page - thats not going to convert anyone even if they check out peta2 the chances they can filter through all the fluff and actually see a graphic video is rare! Want to help???

2) Myspace. com/VeganPages (Do not add) ~ Our 30+ pages with over 200,000 Non-Veg Friends !!!

Forget reposting the good bulletins to the same few people that are already mostly veg do actual outreach on a large scale - ie auto adders Smile.
We hear sevearl I am going veg now confessions each week and probably about 300 people this past year, no exaggeration - see my older blogs for some of the actualy feedback!

Check them out for ideas! Got Ideas, share them, only after you have tested them to be true, simple and productive results! See my New Blogs too Smile

VeganHeath. org/Colleges (Volunteer / Donor $)
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