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Post  Cynic on Sun May 18, 2008 1:23 pm

In 1967 been born 5 bands Flower Travellin'Band, Budgie, Judas Priest Limelight and Faithful Breath then Risk.

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Limelight is a future english NWOHM band wich will die in 1984
1967 Metal Story 1995_photoRock Detector Page

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Faithful Breath is a german band which played heavy metal and then speed metal till 1993.

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Flower Travellin'Band is a Japanese group which played a psychedelic heavy doom metal in the style of Black Sabbath but which splited in 1973.
Flower Travellin'Band Myspace Page

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Budgie is one of the the oldest active heavy metalband

And to end in beauty, one of group the most influential metal band, Judas Priest,the band which will launch the NWOBHM movement.
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